From Practice to Personal and Organizational Paradigm Shift


Healing Justice at the Intersections of  Reproductive and  Gender-Based Violence


The  Healing Justice Consortium was founded by Dr. Dayanara Marte as a direct response to a call from people of color and womyn in leadership across the world, who are disclosing more and more that they too are victims and survivors of gender-based violence, historical trauma, and oppression; resulting in its embodiment as disease and manifesting as internalized oppression over their lifetime with devastating consequences to their mind, body and spirit. 


The consortium is an extraordinary  collaborative healing team of cultural spiritual workers with over 50 years of collective experience in healing justice, supporting individual and organizational health and well-being and sustainability. We provide technical assistance and capacity building, specifically supporting communities leading institutional and movement building to manage the organizational culture of trauma that gender-based violence leaves behind if left untreated, transforming the organizational systems from a deficit to a resiliency model. 


Rooted in collective power and personal transformation we  assist leaders on the frontlines (advocates, executive directors, mental health professionals, service providers, social workers, other healers, activist and organizers ) in recognizing, creating change and diminishing the effects of oppression, trauma and violence and the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical impact it has on their personal lives, their leadership and the culture of the organization, movement or collective they are a part of.


The Consortium utilizes a self-healing model dedicated to ending gender-based violence that merges evidence-based theories of social work and public health while bridging the best practices of spirituality and social justice. From culturally specific and trauma-informed training, workshops, webinars and retreats the consortium equips womyn on the front lines with the necessary healing and recovery tools needed to reclaim and restore personal and organizational health and sustainability from the devastating consequences that gender-based violence has on organizational systems, their employees and their clients/members.




From Practice to Organizational Paradigm Shift 


Healing Justice

Logic Model & Framework

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